Projects For Old Versions of OS X

Keeping alive the legacy of Apple's greatest creation.

In the fall of 2019, I came to a decision: it was time to leave modern macOS behind.

A decade prior, switching to OS X had been a revelatory experience, as though the software was working in perfect sync with my mind. That feeling had long since disappeared.

I surveyed the computing landscape. Windows was still fine, and Linux was still Linux. A normal person would have just picked one, but I was apparently not a normal person. I cared far too much about having the perfect computer, and I couldn't get that wonderful memory out of my head...

Fixed Dashboard Widgets

Weather, Unit Converter, and Translation widgets are the property of Apple. Modified versions are redistributed in good faith to help Apple customers.

Web Browsing & Internet

Audio & Video

Games & Emulators

System Tweaks

Miscellaneous Apps

Bugfixes for Other People's Apps

Most downloads include source code. Where code was omitted for practical or aesthetic reasons, it is available upon request.